About Emily

Hi: I'm Emily, a storyteller / entrepreneur based in Portland, Oregon. You could say I have a fluid viewpoint on life.

Months spent drinking coffee in Ethiopia with the scent of frankincense heavy in my throat. Investor meetings in Silicon Valley. Hot days slugging through Amazon mud in the coffee lands of Peru. Low lights and high life as I review the concoctions of some of the best cocktail bartenders in the world. It's all part of this multi-faceted, content-creating thing I call a career.

Traditional journalism to trade mags. Copywriting to consumer pubs. Fantasy that sticks in your throat and stabs your chest. Photography, blogging, ghostwriting. I do it all. I've written for publications in the food/bev sphere like SOMM Journal, Render Food Mag, Eater.com, Fresh Cup, Sprudge.com, and Serious Eats, among many others. Lifestyle credits include SOMA Magazine, Rails to Trails, Woodlands Magazine, and Orange County Register. On the business/productivity front, you can read my work in Trello's blog, Costco Connections, among others. A partial clip list is here.

Outside writing, I cofounded Crema.co, a story-forward coffee subscription, and Catalyst Coffee Consulting. I practice Pukulan kung fu, make a mean cheesecake, and have a 5 year-old badass of a daughter.