Keep on Truckin’, or What to Do When Everything Sucks / by Emily McIntyre

When the world crumbles on you; when your business partner dives into depression and blames you; when the flies won’t stop buzzing on your food; when profits and losses don’t match; when your child looks at you with loathing; when even the beat of your heart sounds irregular; when you wonder whether today is the day you throw your phone in the sea and quit…

Keep on truckin’.

When years of relationships slither away and leave you with a handful of betrayal; when investment isn’t enough; when the checks stop coming and the rent is due; when the cubicle job you turned down last week sounds like heaven; when you haven’t had a good night’s sleep since you left home…

Keep on truckin’.

When you know to a cent your bank balance and it’s not enough to cover incoming bills; when you reach for the iced tea and someone else drank it; when you get stuck in traffic and miss that crucial meeting; when your favorite song gets stuck on repeat until you hate it; and when you wonder why the hell you started this life in the first place…

Ask yourself this question: “Is the answer still yes?”

Is it still yes to the one you love and yes to the ambiguity of fate, yes to your child and yes to your dream job, yes to opportunity and yes to yourself?

Is it yes to the reason you started this endeavor in the first place?

If the answer is yes, then… pull up your pants, plant your cowboy hat on your head, and keep on truckin’. Ride the wheel of fortune and it will turn; disappointment is the flip side of opportunity, and betrayal is the reverse of true love.

If the answer is yes, my friend, then you’re on the right path, and something new is just around the corner.

And if the answer is no, well then, you’d best be asking yourself a hell of a lot of other questions.

* * *

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