How to Write Intro Emails that Get You Noticed / by Emily McIntyre

We’ve all been on the receiving end of average email intros… hi, my name is X, and I do Y, and I was hoping you’d pay me to do Z. YawnDelete.

As a freelancer, a business owner, or basically a human being who needs to make an impression on strangers at times, you need a killer email intro that adds value to the recipient’s world instead of sucking them further into email boredom-land. (I think that’s sinful.)

Try this template on for size. Modify the hell out of it. Make it your own… that’s the whole point. You impress/excite/pique interest by standing out as yourself, and by respecting your reader’s basic humanity (that means not taking 6 paragraphs to get to your ‘ask’).

Basic Intro Email Template

Header: (Get to the point here, and Don’t Capitalize Each Word. Identify either exactly who you are & what you offer or mention recipient’s work & add “plus intro”)

Body: 1–3 short paragraphs that demonstrate 1) you’ve read/noticed their stuff, and you think it’s cool. 2) why it matters to you. 3) what you’d like them to do about it.

Sign off.

Example 1 / local grocery store

Header: Looks like your website is in transition: can I help?

Body: Hello! I’m a Portland resident (close to the X store) and brand strategist + writer. I noticed _____’s website is in transition and wanted to reach out to see if you need help from a pro freelance writer — I write websites, product descriptions, direct mail, and just about anything you need. I also develop marketing strategies and troubleshoot existing campaigns + do social media audits & strategy.

You can learn more about what I do here:

Thanks for creating such a fantastic brand here in Portland. I’d love to talk with you about helping build it. If you’re interested in chatting, just hit ‘reply’ or call me at XXX–XXX–XXXX.



Example 2 / Design student looking for internship

Header: Copywriter & design student looking for internship + your blog

Good afternoon! I love the work you’ve been doing for ______— the X T-shirt design was killer.

I am a Portland-based copywriter who is halfway-through a design degree at X College, and am looking for a summer internship with an awesome creative firm that needs content & can give me some real-world design experience.

I also noticed your blog hasn’t been updated in a while; having me on your team would fix that!

Let me know what you think; ping me by email or at XXX–XXX–XXXX.



So remember: be you, be brief. You’re doing the world a favor, and your reader will notice!

* * *

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