How to Escape the Competition through Storytelling by Emily McIntyre

In the entrepreneurship world, our competition — and our fear of it — can simper behind us like a shadow, driving our actions and our dialogue. Always looking over our shoulders, constantly answering the question, “How are you different from Competitor X?”, we can only ever define ourselves by the metrics of our competition.

That’s both derivative and lazy.

Never define your business in terms of the competition. Never hand over your power. Instead, let’s do the work. Let’s dive deep to ask the hard questions, the questions that linger in the shadows.

Discover the why.

Why do you exist, as a person, as a business? What drives you? What passion pricks at your eyes and makes you pull out your wallet? How does your company fit with your why?

Answer that, and you can answer anyone who asks you, no matter the words they use, why should they care.

That is the heart of your brand, of course, and the heart of escaping the competition. Forget what Company X is doing. Let it fall from you like an old skin. It doesn’t matter. When you firmly establish your WHY, and tell that story over and over and over, comparisons simply cease to exist.

* * *

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