Selected Clips 2011-Present

"The Remarkable Lem Butler, 5-time Barista Champion", 11/9/15

"An Interview with Sasa Sestic, World Barista Champion", 10/28/15

"Bag Matters (Impact of Shipping on Green Coffee)", Fresh Cup Magazine, November 2015

"Cold Brew Takes Flight at St. Simon in Portland, Oregon",, 9/11/15

"Social Media Marketing"Fresh Cup Mag, August 2015 (How-To Handbook)

"Go Here for Great Coffee in Lima, Peru", 6/30/15

"The SCAA Interviews: Dave Bueher / CJ Speelman / Jon Cates / Natalie Van Dusen / Stephanie Ratanas",, Spring 2015

"Whether to Roast"Fresh Cup Mag, March 2015

"Instagram Effect"Fresh Cup, 1/22/15

"Staying Power: My First Cafe"Fresh Cup, 12/2/15

"Cafés in the Suburbs of a Coffee Mecca" (Cover Story), Fresh Cup Magazine, September 2014

"Beat the Heat with an Iced Aeropress"Kansas City Star, 9/4/14

"Going Pro (Life Beyond Barista Work)"Fresh Cup Magazine, April 2014

"Highlights from Local Coffee Culture Part One" & "Part Two"Reno Gazette-Journal, 4/4/14

"A Brief Guide to Portland's Cocktail Scene", 3/27/14

"How to Brew Coffee in a Chemex", Reno Gazette-Journal, March 21, 2014

"Portland Drinking Guide" Serious Drinks, February 2014

"Kansas City: Where Coffee & Beer Collide"DRAFT Magazine, 12/31/13

"Women Roaster Series: Jennifer SwansonMariana Faeron-GutierrezMelody HarwellStephanie Ratanas / Caitlin McCarthy-Garcia, ", Daily Coffee News, Winter 2013

"How I Rediscovered Family Travel and Remembered I Belonged" (guest post), The Planet D, September 2013

"Ozark Forest Mushrooms"Woodland Magazine (American Forest Foundation), Fall 2013

"A View From: South Dakota"Rails to Trails, Spring/Summer 2013

"RV Container Gardening"Highways (Good Sam's Club pub) April 2013

"Got (Not) Milk: An Exploration of Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives"Barista Magazine, Feb/March 2013

"A Riverfront Ode to Kansas City"Rails to Trails, 7/12/12

"The Legacy of Raphael Weisman"American Harp Journal, Summer 2011